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Concrete cutting is a delicate aspect of a construction project that requires technical expertise and special equipment. KC Coring & Cutting is your reliable provider of concrete cutting in Kansas City. We have been recognized for offering prompt and professional concrete cutting services all over Kansas City and nearby communities. Our services are detailed and carried out with a high level of professionalism.

What Is Concrete Cutting and Coring?

Generally, concrete cutting refers to the process of controlled sawing, drilling, and removal of concrete. It is a highly technical work that is performed by skilled operators that use special tools and equipment. Concrete coring, on the other hand, is the process of drilling round holes in concrete structures such as walls, floors and ceiling.

What’s more, the process is usually employed in complicated tasks like creating the concrete center of a building. The term can also be used to describe professional concrete removal. Modern concrete cutting and coring should be performed by professionals to achieve a smooth attractive finish.

What are the Major Concrete Cutting Methods?

There are different methods of concrete cutting and coring. The most common methods employed in concrete cutting in Kansas City include:

  • Diamond sawing – faster and more precise
  • Concrete wall sawing – with circular blades on a track-mounted machine
  • Flat sawing – also referred to as slab sawing
  • Core drilling – for making precise circular holes
  • Wire sawing – for much larger concrete cutting jobs.

How Soon Can You Cut Concrete?

When it comes to cutting concrete, the issue of timing is important. There are some factors that determine the right time to cut concrete such as concrete mix, weather conditions, and the hardness of the concrete. The equipment used is also important.

In hotter climates, saw cutting can start as early as four hours after concrete pouring. For colder climates, concrete cutting and coring can be delayed 12 hours after pouring. Do not cut too early to avoid leaving a messy, weakened edge along the cut, and do not cut too late to avoid uncontrolled cracking.

How Can You Cut Concrete with A Concrete Saw?

Whether the concrete to be cut are concrete blocks, slabs, walls or floors, it is important that you use the right equipment. When using a concrete saw, this is how best to cut concrete:

  • Get your timing right
  • Use the best saw for the job
  • Select the right blade
  • Handle the dust the right way
  • Use a GFCI extension cord
  • Mark your cuts
  • Tape the concrete saw to prevent scratches
  • Use a guide board
  • Make a series of shallow cuts
  • Never force the blade

How Much Does Concrete Cutting Cost?

The cost of concrete cutting often varies depending on whether the concrete is reinforced or not. Unreinforced concrete often is less costly compared to reinforced concrete. You can get in touch with KC Coring & Cutting to get a quote for your next precise concrete cutting project.

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