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At KC Coring & Cutting, we specialize in using a concrete drill in Lee's Summit. For many years, our experts have been recognized for offering prompt and professional fine concrete drilling services to clients in Lee's Summit and surrounding cities. Our experts have the required tools and training to offer you excellent concrete drilling services.

What Do You Need to Drill into Concrete?

Though it is possible to drill a hole or two in a concrete block using a regular drill and masonry bit, it is not always an efficient process. To drill into concrete with the best results, you will need a hammer drill and the right masonry bit. Hammer drills produce a pounding force that makes them very efficient at blasting through concrete. They are great for regular concrete. When you are dealing with certain concrete mixes, you may need a rotary hammer drill, which is a more powerful tool. Rotary drills usually have an S chuck, which is better for hammering and also support a “hammer-on” mode with no rotation.

Can You Drill into A Concrete Lintel?

It is possible to drill into a concrete lintel. It is not often considered a safe process, but a good professional can drill into a concrete lintel without causing it to weaken significantly. You will need the right drill to get the job done. It is also generally advisable to start with the smallest masonry drill you can find and work up to the size you really want. It is also important that anyone handling this type of drilling approach it carefully and patiently. It is best to hire a professional with experience for this type of technical work.

How Do You Drill a Hole in Concrete?

To drill into concrete, it is important that you work with the right tool. Basically, you need a good hammer drill and a good masonry drill bit. Choose the right tools depending on the nature of the concrete you are going to drill and set up properly. The following steps should be taken when you are ready to drill a hole in concrete:

  • Understand how your tools work
  • Insert a high-quality masonry drill bit
  • Set the depth
  • Mark the drilling spot with chalk
  • Hold your drill properly and drill a pilot hole
  • Continue to drill with more power when you are certain the hole is in the right place
  • Pull the drill out from time to time
  • Break through obstructions with a masonry nail

How Do You Drill Through A Concrete Ceiling?

To hang light fixtures and other décor items, you may have to drill through a concrete ceiling. Follow these tips to get the job done the right way:

  • Measure and mark all the places you need to drill
  • Insert a carbide-tipped masonry drill bit
  • Set the depth stop on your hammer drill to ¼ inch longer than the length of the screw
  • Set up the overhead drill press
  • Start drilling and take it out frequently to clear the dust
  • Blow the dust from the hole with a can of compressed air afterwards.

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concrete drill Lees Summit

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