Kansas City core drilling

If you want to drill a perfect hole in concrete, you will need the help of a core drill. This is a laborious task requiring heavy equipment, which is why you need to hire a local company in Kansas City for core drilling.

What is a core drill?

A core drill has a large cylinder bit designed to remove cylinder-shaped chunks of material from the surface. It can be used with either metal or concrete to create holes or to prospect for minerals.

The center of the drill itself is hollow so that material may be neatly carved out instead of destroyed. It has a powerful twisting motion so that it bores through the surface hastily. This allows the user to take a sample out of the ground to be examined and possible re-purposed instead of destroying it.

Can a core drill go through rebar?

A core bit with any high-power drill will certainly go through rebar, but it isn’t the most efficient way to do it. Something like a 7/8″ rebar cutter would do a better job than a core drill, but you can still use quality bits from Hilti or SDS-plus.

How does core sampling work?

Core sampling is taking a cylinder-shaped chunk out of a naturally occurring surface. Using a core drill, this piece will be taken out to be examined through its tube. The Deep-Sea Drilling Project was a notable event for core sampling.

What equipment is used?

For the standard Kansas City core drilling job, you will see equipment like various cylinder-shaped drill bits, a motor and an operating handle for the drill. The bits used will have different tips, preferably diamond, and will have different sizes for the operator doing the job.

The proper type of drill bits is necessary to create holes without unnecessary debris. It is also a better alternative than smashing into the concrete and making imperfect changes to the structure.

What is core drilling used for?

Many renovation projects will need some sort of core drilling. The size used will depend on the application. The installation of an HVAC system will need various clean cuts to install wires and tubing. Putting in new plumbing in a pure concrete building will benefit from a clean cut.

It is not just construction workers that have access to core bits. Electricians, plumbers and more will likely carry portable-sized bits to make last-minute changes on the job. Even installing cable TV or the internet may require a hole created via core drilling.

It’s the huge hydraulic core drilling setup that is used by construction companies. When working on a parking lot, a big core drill can cleanly take out chunks of an asphalt parking lot. If you need this type of job done, contact a company specialized in Kansas City core drilling, like KC Coring & Cutting.

When you have a heavy-duty job that requires hydraulic core drilling, you definitely don’t want to do this on your own. Not only is the equipment expensive, but it is also dangerous for untrained individuals to work with. Give us a call today for your core drilling needs!

Kansas City core drilling

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