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From simple slab sawing to cutting a multi-story concrete building into half, KC Coring & Cutting is your reliable contractor to always turn to. Over the years, we have been recognized to provide detailed and outstanding concrete sawing in Blue Springs, MO. All our concrete sawing projects are executed promptly and with a high level of professionalism.

What Is Concrete Sawing?

Concrete sawing refers to the process of cutting concrete through sawing. It is one of the best approaches to cutting concrete and is achieved through controlled sawing with special saws that have diamond blades. This is the modern method to cut concrete and it is far more efficient than the old-fashioned dusty jack hammer method. Modern concrete sawing utilizes water in order to avoid creating dust and mess. The method also leaves a smooth attractive finish.

What Kind of Saw Is Used To Cut Concrete?

Wire saws, wall saws, and flat saws are common tools associated with concrete cutters. In addition to these, concrete cutters work with concrete cutting machines which are basically handheld saws with abrasive wheels or diamond blades. Depending on how they are powered, these saws can be classified into:

  • Electric saws
  • Hydraulic saws
  • Pneumatic saws
  • Gas-powered saws

What Are the Most Common Concrete Sawing Services?

A variety of concrete sawing for Blue Spring, MO projects may be used. The most common concrete sawing services, however, include:

  • Concrete wall sawing
  • Diamond core drilling
  • Flat sawing
  • Horizontal curb cutting
  • New driveway opening and approaches
  • Hydraulic hand sawing
  • Concrete chain sawing
  • Detector loop and asphalt cutting

What Is the Basic Concrete Sawing Process?

Ideally, the methods of executing different concrete sawing projects will differ. There are some basic steps that are required to get it right in each task. The basic concrete sawing process should, therefore, follow this pattern:

  • Lay out and mark the area of concrete to be cut
  • Use a hand saw to cut up to 4 inches deep
  • If the concrete to saw-cut is deeper than four inches, use an industrial grade machine to finish

How Do You Saw Cut A Concrete Slab?

Experienced concrete cutters become better at concrete sawing by working continuously. There are some important tips about saw cutting concrete slab that operators must know such as:

  • Concrete must be cut to the correct depth
  • Concrete sawing must be done slowly, maintaining minimum RPMs of the cut-off saw
  • Chalk line must be kept free of dust made by the saw cut
  • The operator must have good knowledge of how strong the material is and how it behaves

What Is the Cost of Concrete Sawing?

The cost of concrete sawing in Blue Springs, MO is often measured per square foot. The overall cost will vary depending on the thickness of the concrete slab or floor. You can contact us to get a quote for your concrete cutting project.

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concrete sawing Blue Springs MO

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