Our Comprehensive Services

Introduction to Concrete Sawing

At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., we’ve spent over four decades mastering the art of concrete sawing in Kansas City. It’s not just a service we offer; it’s a craft we perfect every day on job sites across this vibrant city. Our commitment is to be on the mark, on the money, and always on time, delivering precision cuts that our competitors can only aspire to.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our range of services caters to any need that might arise on a construction site, from core drilling, slab sawing, to the precision required in wall and hand sawing. Each service is executed with an unmatched level of expertise and attention to detail, ensuring the integrity of your structure and the safety of all involved.

Core Drilling

Our core drilling capabilities stand out as a cornerstone of our service offerings. Employing advanced equipment, we create precise openings for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, accommodating projects of varying complexities and scales.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing needs a steady hand and an experienced eye, both of which are abundant in our team. Our track-mounted wall saws make short work of vertical and horizontal surfaces, providing clean, precise cuts every time.

Flat/Slab Sawing

Our slab sawing process is efficient and accurate, capable of cutting through thick concrete slabs with ease. This service is essential for creating openings for staircases, elevators, and other significant structural modifications.

Why Choose KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc.?

Choosing us for your concrete sawing Kansas City projects means opting for reliability and precision. Our trained professionals, equipped with the latest tools and technology, are committed to safety and excellence.

Our dedication to meeting your project needs within your timeframe and budget, without ever compromising on quality, sets us apart. And with our wide array of services, we’re your one-stop shop for all things concrete sawing.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients across Kansas City have experienced the quality and reliability of our work firsthand. They commend our ability to tackle even the most challenging projects with efficiency and professionalism.

From drilling a precision hole to executing a complex series of cuts, our team consistently meets and exceeds client expectations. It’s the peace of mind that comes with hiring true professionals.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is not just a guideline for us; it’s embedded in our operational DNA. Every project starts and ends with safety measures that protect our team, our clients, and the structural integrity of the job site.

We adhere to strict safety standards and continuously educate our team on the latest safety protocols and procedures. This unwavering commitment ensures a safe working environment on every project, every time.

Connect With Us

For concrete sawing Kansas City trusts, look no further than KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc. Our experience, coupled with our dedication to precision and safety, makes us the premier choice for all your concrete sawing needs.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. Let us show you why we’re the first and finest in the Kansas City area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is concrete sawing important?

Concrete sawing is a critical process in construction that allows for precise cuts in concrete structures without damaging the surrounding areas. It’s essential for modifications, renovations, and demolition projects.

How to choose the right concrete sawing company?

Look for a company with extensive experience, a wide range of services, and a commitment to safety. Testimonials from satisfied clients can also provide valuable insights into the quality of their work.

What safety precautions are necessary?

Safety measures include proper personal protective equipment (PPE), adherence to established safety protocols, and continuous team training. A reputable company prioritizes safety above all else.

Our Commitment to Safety

How much does it cost to cut a hole in concrete?

At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., we understand that budget considerations play a critical role in every project. The cost to cut a hole in concrete can vary widely depending on several factors, including the thickness of the concrete, the precision required, and the location of the project. For instance, cutting a simple hole for residential plumbing might be relatively economical, while creating a series of intricate openings for commercial HVAC systems could be more cost-intensive due to the complexity and scale of the work involved. We always recommend reaching out for a personalized quote to ensure accuracy and transparency. Remember, investing in professional concrete cutting services ensures the job is done safely and precisely, potentially saving you from costly repairs down the line.

Where can I cut concrete slabs?

Cutting concrete slabs requires not just skill but also a deep understanding of structural integrity. At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., we conduct thorough assessments to determine the most suitable locations for cuts, ensuring we avoid damaging critical structural elements of the building. Concrete slabs can be cut virtually anywhere, provided they are approached with the necessary expertise and equipment. Whether you’re looking to create openings for new staircases and elevators or modify existing concrete structures, our team has the expertise to guide the saw precisely where needed. Remember, the key to successful concrete cutting is not just where but how you cut.

How soon should you saw cut concrete?

Timing is crucial when it comes to saw cutting concrete. Cutting too early can cause the concrete to fray along the cut lines, while cutting too late might result in uncontrolled cracking as the concrete cures and contracts. Typically, for most concrete mixes, the ideal window for saw cutting is within 6 to 18 hours post pouring. However, this can vary based on environmental conditions and the concrete mix used. We at KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., always assess each project to determine the optimal timing for saw cutting, ensuring the integrity and longevity of your concrete structures.

How thick will a concrete saw cut?

The thickness a concrete saw can cut through largely depends on the type of saw and the blade used. At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., our equipment is capable of handling a wide range of concrete thicknesses. For instance, our wall saws and flat saws are outfitted with diamond blades that can effortlessly cut through concrete several inches thick. It’s not uncommon for us to undertake projects that require cutting through concrete slabs or walls that are up to 24 inches thick or even more. The key is having the right tools and expertise to handle the job efficiently and safely.

What are the unique benefits of wall sawing?

Wall sawing stands out as one of the most precise and versatile cutting techniques in our arsenal. This method allows us to create smooth and precise openings in vertical surfaces or steep inclines where traditional flat sawing can’t be used. It’s especially valuable for creating doorways, windows, or HVAC openings in concrete walls with minimal vibration and structural impact. Our track-mounted wall saws ensure a level of precision that’s hard to match with other cutting methods. Plus, it’s an ideal solution for projects where maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the surrounding structure is paramount.

Why is core drilling regarded as a cornerstone service in concrete cutting?

Core drilling holds a special place in concrete cutting services due to its sheer versatility and precision. It allows us to create circular openings, ranging from small to large diameters, in both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This is crucial for a variety of applications, from running electrical and plumbing lines to accommodating HVAC systems and more. The precision of core drilling means that we can make these openings without causing damage to the surrounding structure, preserving the integrity of the building while facilitating necessary modifications. At KC Coring & Cutting Construction, Inc., our advanced core drilling techniques and equipment enable us to tackle projects of all complexities, reinforcing our commitment to quality and precision in every job we undertake.


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